"Teresa is the baby whisperer."

– Diana T., Communications Strategy Manager of Anne Arundel Medical Center

Artistic Process

In the past, I used to be a general photographer. I would receive an email asking about my services, pricing, date of availability, location, and then the session took place. The process seemed mechanical, slightly cold, and not organic to the way I am drawn to work with others.

I am so pleased to have evolved into a Fine Art Photographer and Print Artist. I no longer photograph what I am unsure of. After several emails, phone calls, even coffee dates, I adore getting to know my clients and hear their stories. When their children arrive for our session, I am no longer a stranger they are shy to. Through getting to know one another, I learn of an outdoor location the parents would watch fireworks from as children themselves, rather than an obscure open field. As we leave our session I’m treated to a few more memories.

Capturing Picture perfect Moments

How to display and preserve these moments we spend together is part of the process that I treasure. The textures, materials, variations of white, are like putting together a one of a kind puzzle that I’ve been trusted to simplify and simply make beautiful.

Cherishing the memories

Certainly, the most rewarding moment is when we all come back together to view the final piece. It’s amazing how many stories can live on in one single image. Knowing that this declaration of love and life is displayed and carried on for all of the new moments that await is an incredibly humble feeling and one I am so honored to have been a part of.


Affiliates & Awards


  • 2017 Best Portrait Photographer in Baltimore (Expertise)

  • 2016 Best Portrait Photographer in Baltimore (Expertise)

  • 2016 Best of What's Up Magazine

  • Partner of Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC)

  • NILMDTS Volunteer

  • NILMDTS Commitee Member

  • NILMDTS Panel Guest at Imaging USA

  • Stadia Publication

  • Silverworks Publication Finalist

  • Skirt! Magazine Photo Feature

  • Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Finalist