What's Up Magazine Best of 2016!


I'm still taking time to savor the moment and process the news. I am incredibly grateful to all of you who made this happen! Knowing that this came from people that appreciate my work, trust how I conduct business, and are willing to share that they view me as a business others should know and experience is just an incredible feeling. 

Usually I'm quite the talker but for now all I can say is: Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am using this honor to push even harder in 2016 to give you more than I even know the boundaries of. I hope to make you proud! - Teresa

Teresa Robertson is a Photography-degree, award-winning, published Photographer specializing in all things women & birth. Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Children, or Family, she proudly serves multiple locations, including D.C., Atlanta, Michigan, Orlando, and Oahu. Her Fine Art series ‘Mele Ma’i: Procreation Chants’ can be found here. For information on Bereavement Photography, please visit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep