How Printing Photos Can Raise Your Child’s Self Worth

I talk a lot about the importance of printing photographs but what’s even more convicting to me is what I am personally witnessing with my 16 year old.

When he was born, I was still a film photographer. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of him as a newborn up until a young child. Then 2 things happened: 1) digital took over and 2) he didn’t grow up thinking social media was ‘the place to be’. At least not Facebook – where so many of his photos were stored.

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“Is that me?”

“Yes! Don’t you remember this day? I look at this photo all the time!”

It dawns on me how I almost feel as though I’m holding these sweet memories of his life captive. Now, granted, he has the power to login and look himself. But to his ‘anti-facebook’ mind, he has no concept of how many people have viewed this, loved this, and commented on how amazing he is.

There was an excellent article written the Baltimore Sun ran discussing how printed images of our children, displayed in the home, can actually enhance a child’s self esteem and help them get to know themselves. I encourage you to read it and share your thoughts. Did you have photos displayed in your home growing up? Do you now? Are they in ‘common areas’ or more ‘private’ rooms?

This is just one of the reasons I am more and more adamant in my business to make sure that your photographs are printed and printed to last. Yes, I am a photographer and specialize in capturing you and those you most love. I also have such an attachment to the families, children, and newborns I photograph that it is my sincere desire that my photographs truly lend a positive impact for years to come.  - Teresa

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