Why Product Quality Matters


Have you ever wondered what the difference is when it comes to what materials Photographers print their images on and how they choose who to go with? 

Fine Art Photography for Newborns, Children, and Family based near Annapolis, MD

I wrote a post quite some time ago that deserves mention again, how what you see isn't always what you get. There truly is a big difference in printing companies, materials, how that affects pricing, and how long your photos will actually last. Here is an example of the same child's photograph printed from 'popular' printing companies, often used when clients order only digital negatives:

Sometimes digital negatives aren't the investment you intended them to be.

Photographers often base their printing loyalties based on three big factors: quality, price, and/or material. When you look for a Photographer, are you searching for traditional prints? Something no one else has? Are you concerned with loving it now...and  passing it along for your children to love later?

Given my education and love for 'traditional' art mediums, much of 2015 was spent researching companies that would provide exceptional materials for my clients to display their art from our session. To combine images that I am proud of on materials worthy of family heirlooms, makes me know without a shadow of a doubt that I am truly providing the best service and lasting products to you. That's why in 2016 I will no longer be offering 'gift prints' and instead supply my clients with images you'll want to display in your home for years to come.

From delicate newborn lashes to generations together in a family portrait - your art is meant to imitate your life and all of it's loveliness. Learn more about my gorgeous, unique products here.  - Teresa

Teresa Robertson is a Photography-degree, award-winning, published Photographer specializing in all things women & birth. Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Children, or Family, she proudly serves multiple locations, including D.C., Atlanta, Michigan, Orlando, and Oahu. Her Fine Art series ‘Mele Ma’i: Procreation Chants’ can be found here. For information on Bereavement Photography, please visit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep