Thinking Beyond the Search


This year presented itself as a great opportunity to bring some big changes to Robertson & co. Photography and I couldn’t be more proud of the direction it’s headed.

From the moment you submit your inquiry, you will recognize a difference in the way I approach our time together. The first item we discuss is not only whom you would like photographed but also what do you want to do with your images?

Fine Art Photography for Newborns, Children, and Family based near Annapolis, MD

 Let me guess: Digital Negatives?

Here is what I found: my clients were paying me a lot of money to get their hands on digital negatives only to never actually print a majority of them or have them printed by a company that did not use trusted materials. Let me also stress that as a mother – and a Photographer – I have made both of these mistakes. Do you know where the images of my son are at 6 months old? A floppy disk. Are you even old enough to know what that is?

To summarize: We thankfully have the prints of the great Photographers of all time to reflect on their amazing art from 100+ years. The photos of my son from 16 years ago? Probably gone forever.

This is why before we discuss a session date, concept, or what to wear, I encourage my clients to think about what they ultimately want in the way of product from their session (don’t worry, I’m here to help with that as well). This also makes deciding so much easier on everyone when it comes time to order. While I love that you have trusted me with my own creative vision, it's also important that we work together on your final purchase from the very beginning. There can be a time and place for digital negatives, which I certainly understand and use; however, I have to assume that if you are spending your time searching for a professional Photographer, for your newborn, children, family, or even pet, you are wanting to invest in something more permanent and higher in quality than a social media file. 

I hope you’ve had the chance to look at my work and the products I have to offer (which you may view here). If you think we may be a good fit, I encourage you to reach out so we may begin the conversation and I can answer all of your questions (I love questions - it gives me a chance to talk about my craft)! - Teresa

Teresa Robertson is a Photography-degree, award-winning, published Photographer specializing in all things women & birth. Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Children, or Family, she proudly serves multiple locations, including D.C., Atlanta, Michigan, Orlando, and Oahu. Her Fine Art series ‘Mele Ma’i: Procreation Chants’ can be found here. For information on Bereavement Photography, please visit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep