It should be clear by now that I love hearing stories of people's past and the small details that make such a big difference in life. I know not everyone has the same passion for the past but I'm always a little curious when I ask people to tell me about something years ago and they reply with, 'Nothing special'. 

There are so many 'nothing special' things that we've dismissed in our culture over the years that are so important today, some even lost arts. I love hearing about the 'little things' because they would be considered such big acts of strength, love, or talent today.

Ms. Mable, resident of Crofton Care and Rehabilitation Center, and her dog 'Woofie'.

Ms. Mable, resident of Crofton Care and Rehabilitation Center, and her dog 'Woofie'.

Ms. Mable treated me to a bit of the day to day she had in her childhood. Even with few details, I can imagine such a different life and upbringing she must have had, with the same common goals that I try to raise my own children with.

"I have 2 boys and 5 girls. I grew up in Atlanta, GA near a farm. My grandmother taught me how to cook and sew – she was a wonderful grandmother, she taught me everything, I loved her very much. My father, he would put me on his knee and had a pipe, Captain Black. Smelled real good. I loved that, those days, good memories. I have a picture of me and a black and white bear with a tea pot. I used to put sand in it and pretend I was cooking.

When I met my husband, I worked at a 5 and dime place. He kept coming in but he didn’t have the courage to ask me out. So one day he asked me out and he took me to a restaurant. Now, this man had on a sweater - he put his pipe [too close to it] and I had to smack it – it started smoking! Laughs One of my favorite memories is my husband on our wedding day."