Finding Purpose | Aloha Calling - A Limited Life in O‘ahu

Aloha Calling - A Limited Life in O‘ahu is a personal blog series written by Maryland Artist and Photographer, Teresa Robertson. Gifted the opportunity to reside in O‘ahu with her family for 3 months, Teresa wanted to provide herself and others a way to not take this gift for granted and ensure that her experience was one to learn from, reflect on, and teach others. Through these words, she hopes to do just that.

Tree Branch in O‘ahu

Tree Branch in O‘ahu

The last several years have been a conflict of parenting, spous-ing, providing, and creating. While I am constantly trying to be mindful in life, I am simultaneously working to extremes just to simplify, and what love is leftover from my children, to my husband, to my volunteer work leaves my artistic soul depleated.

But Oahu.

This is my chance. This will be my breath. My rejuvenation.



Smart, Clever, Intelligent
— Akamai