"Classic, funny, artistic, so beautiful."

The images you are viewing all began in the same way you thought about hiring a Photographer: trying to find someone to capture updated memories of an important time in life.

Beyond that initial request, we continue the conversation. Maybe you are shy and reserved or you are someone who likes to make a statement. Being able to learn more about you, why this moment in time means so much, what you are aesthetically drawn to, all goes into the creative process. After all, if you are an energetic family with 4 football-playing boys, having an image of your family reading from a storybook on the lake at sunset probably isn’t going to capture the essence of whom you are - and we can’t have that (let’s be honest – the boys probably wouldn’t be having any of that, either).

As you look through this portfolio to see if you are drawn to my style of photography, you’ll notice amongst other similarities that everyone is comfortable, which is incredibly important for our experience together.